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Will there be some updates to the game in the future, or is this the final version of the game?

I will solve some bugs soon, but for the moment no major update, because I have a bigger project in development and it will be a commercial one.

I really enjoyed your game!

I also wrote a review of this game which you can read on the link below:

Thank you very much for playing Captain Smash. I really appreciate your review. You left me speechless and I have no words to express how grateful I am for what you did. Do you have a twitter account to give credit?

Thank you again.

No, I don't have a twitter account.

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Very impressive! The concept is very interesting.

But I think you should add more checkpoints. It's very frustating to restart the entire are when you die just before the end.

Thanks. Working on making the final version. Tomorrow will be released. I will consider putting checkpoints :)